Our Team

Annie Haas

Program Lead

Annie is a technology innovation and market transformation enthusiast—public relations professional at heart—focused on investigating the R&D and technology enablers that ensure a smart, decarbonized, resilient, secure, and affordable energy system that works for all types of consumers. Annie brings more than 20 years of integrated communication and marketing experience, combined with 12+ years working in fundamental and applied electric power system R&D environments, to her role as program manager for Incubatenergy. She is proud of her 7+ years with EPRI to date, and of her previous roles with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; several leading, global PR agencies; a Fortune 500 consumer goods company; and a major, U.S. CDC-affiliated healthcare system.

Anna-Lise Laurain

European Co-Lead

Anna-Lise has a holistic view of the energy industry thanks to her 9-year working experience with multinational company (ABB), electric utility (PG&E), startups (Power Assure and Bia Power), and cleantech accelerator program (Cleantech Open). Her areas of expertise include data analytics, EV, Energy efficiency & startup development.  She is also a French engineer in Fluid dynamics from INP Toulouse ENSEEIHT with a MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures from Imperial College London with an MBA from ITU San Jose, California. 

Shelly Meintzer

Project Operations Coordinator

Shelly is a seasoned project operations expert at EPRI living at the crux of financial, operational, contracting, and legal matters. In her five+ years at EPRI, Shelly has worked with many of EPRI’s technical teams and its members across different research divisions and has cultivated a solid background in project management, finance, and communication. With her daughters are both settled into college, Shelly relocated to Surf City, NC, where she enjoys visiting the beach, playing pickleball, and kayaking.

Joyce Hawkes

Program Coordinator

Joyce oversees the details of the Incubatenergy Labs program, assisting startups and utilities with any program needs.  She is a certified Paralegal and has 10 years of experience in IT. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Information Science from the State University of New York.

Angie Henegar

Operations Support, Lunch and Learn Series Coordinator

Angie Henegar is a Project Operations Coordinator at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). For the Incubatenergy Labs program she coordinates contracting and the Lunch and Learn series. She works with multiple programs throughout EPRI. Prior to joining EPRI, Mrs. Henegar spent 30+ years in the customer service field. She has also worked in the medical, insurance and hospitality fields. Angie understands the importance of customer (member) service, organization, training, planning, goal-setting, and is fluent in many computer programs that are essential to her current position at EPRI. Angie received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Tennessee.

Adi Mahan

Student Employee

Hello! I am Adi Mahan, Incubatenergy Lab’s Emerging Technologies Student Employee. My role is to facilitate startup and utility connections and work behind the scenes to develop and expand our network. I am currently studying business management economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

David Sayers

General Counsel

David joined EPRI as corporate counsel in September 2021 to support the Technology Innovation Team and Incubatenergy Labs®.  He is a licensed attorney in three jurisdictions - District of Columbia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. David was initially trained in Mechanical Engineering and obtained a Master’s Degree in Technology Management. Part lawyer, part engineer, and part project professional, David uses these skills to grow emerging technologies into commercial successes.