Current Projects

We are proud to be working with these companies for 2023.  Please click below for information on each project.  

2023 (KELOWNA, BC)

feedback solutions (buffalo, ny)

gridware (walnut creek, ca)

innovationforce (raleigh, nc)


meterleader (huntington beach, ca)

microera power (rochester, ny)

new sun road (richmond, ca)

powerup (paris, france)

rainforest automation (vancouver, bc)

rhythmos (boulder, co)

solid state power (dallas, tx)

square robot (marlborough, ma)

singularity (somerville, ma)

uptime analytics (bogota, columbia)

vectorzero (reston, va)

Xerohome (rocklin, ca)

Project Description


The company will demonstrate its predictive energy modeling software to deliver building and data science insights for selected homes in a location in Ameren's service territory. The project seeks to investigate homeowner participation in utility residential energy upgrade programs to understand if XeroHome's automated process produces reliable results compared to the bespoke, traditional energy audit process requiring a professional home assessor.