Past Projects

Buzz solutions (Palo Alto, CA)

 Artificial intelligence, actionable insights, and predictive analytics for power line and grid inspections.

Community Energy Labs (Portland, OR)

Grid-smart building controls that enable commercial building owners and facility managers to upgrade and autonomously operate clean, affordable, all-electric buildings without sacrificing occupant comfort, or disrupting power markets or the grid.

Copper Labs (San Francisco, CA)

Wireless energy monitor that delivers consumption and power quality data from electric, gas, and water meters so utilities can engage consumers with actionable insights for demand management, electrification, grid planning, and distribution network health monitoring.

Datch (San Francisco, CA)  

Voice AI technology engineered specifically for the industrial workforce to interface with enterprise databases.

DCSix Technologies (Cork, Ireland)

An energy monitoring platform that reduces energy bills and encourages the pursuit of more sustainable energy use.

Design Interactive (Orlando, FL)

Augmented Reality application that empowers experts to transfer knowledge, by making content easily authored by front-line employees. No software engineers are needed.

Dynamhex (Baltimore, MD)

Energy data API platform that pulls on a national GHG inventory to visualizes complex energy consumption and emissions data for individual, corporate, and government entities.

Enerbrain (Turin, Italy)

AI-powered software that optimizes HVAC energy consumption for sustainable, comfortable, and efficient buildings.

Eneryield (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Machine learning algorithms for intelligent energy analytics and control of electricity flow.

Project Description

Eneryield is a young company specializing in bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to bear on existing utility data streams. In this project, EPRI is working with NYPA to see if Eneryield’s AI/ML techniques can help in predicting failures in a 26 miles underground/underwater cable.

Future Grid (Melbourne, Australia)

SaaS "toolkit" to address the power quality challenges caused by renewable technology.

HeyCharge (Munich, Germany)

Device to enable electric car charging for apartments and garages.

Indow (Portland, OR)

Window inserts that press into existing window frames to bring energy efficiency without requiring window replacement.

Live-EO (Berlin, Germany)

Satellite imagery and software to provide innovative infrastructure monitoring.

Microgrid Labs (Boulder, CO)

Comprehensive power management and control systems for industrials, utilities, and microgrids.

Noteworthy AI (Stanford, CT)

Real-time inspection and inventory for distribution assets.

Pano AI (San Francisco, CA)

Powers actionable intelligence for fire professionals with ultra-high-definition, 360° Pano Cam networks, and AI-powered wildfire detection.

Shifted Energy (Honolulu, HI)

Automated system that manages residential and commercial appliances to support load shaping across the electrical grid.

Thermo.AI (Binghamton, NY)

AI-powered, smart controls for power plants to minimize emissions and maximize efficiency.

Urban Electric Power (Pearl River, NY)

Zinc manganese dioxide battery technology for stationary storage.

WexEnergy LLC (Rochester, NY)

Interior-mounted window insulation panel that keeps the heat inside during cold weather and outside during warm weather.


dryad networks (Berlin, germany)

electric era (seattle, wa)

electricfish (Fremont, ca)

enersion (San diego, ca & Toronto, canada)

extensible energy (oakland, ca)

krakenflex (manchester, UK)

pingthings (El segundo, ca)

proxxi (vancouver, bc)

renewell energy (houston, tx)


sensewaves (paris, france)

singularity (somerville, ma)

Vizi metering (seattle, wa; ann arbor, mi; sacramento, ca)

Xerohome (rocklin, ca)

EV Energy (Palo Alto, CA)

The company offers a wireless platform that optimizes electric vehicle charging to save customers money, fully utilize renewable energy, and deliver flexibility services to the grid.

GridFruit (Pittsburgh, PA) 

GridFruit offers a grid-responsive compressor modulation to improve efficiency of commercial food service refrigeration.

IND Technology, Inc. (New York, NY) 

The company’s technology detects electrical faults before they occur, which could prevent power losses, wildfires and other consequences.

Kognitiv Spark (Fredricton, NB)

Inventor of an augmented reality-enabled app to help utility workers learn new skills on the job.

LineVision (Somerville, MA)

LineVision provides a self-powered transmission line monitoring system equipped with integrated solar and battery power.

PingThings (El Segundo, CA)

PingThings offers an artificial intelligence platform that intakes, stores, and visualizes high-definition sensor data in real-time at grid scale.

Recurve (Mill Valley, CA)

Recurve’s software analyzes how buildings use energy and target resources by their potential to ramp energy use up or down in response to cost, carbon reduction, and other customer goals.

RWI Synthetics (Edmonton, AB)

RWI uses AI-enabled intelligence systems to model complex environments and human behavior, to help grid planners integrate distributed energy resources more effectively.

Sharc Energy Systems (Port Coquitlam, BC)

Sharc provides multifamily building wastewater heat recovery systems.

Switched Source (Vestal, NY)

An alum of the 2017 Ameren Accelerator, Switched Source has continued to develop its power electronics solutions to help manage distribution system load and improve power quality.


The Ario product is a smart device application supported by web-based data management to provide the customer with an augmented reality visualization of their workplace. This allows for visual training, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting activities to take place at workplace sites and on real workplace machines and equipment. It also leverages data from other tools already used and can facilitate assistance from subject matter experts no matter where they are located.


eIQ Mobility is a company dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the electrification of fleets, enabling the transformation to zero-emission mobility through optimized planning, delivery and operation of electric mobility services at scale. eIQ Mobility is building a powerful data-driven awareness, decision and planning platform that harvests data from fleets, electric vehicle models, locations, facilities and utilities to solve fleet executive pain around continual planning for and electrification of their fleets. 


FreeWire delivers energy whenever and wherever it’s needed for reliable electrification beyond the electrical grid. With products such as the Mobi Gen, Mobi Charger and Boost, FreeWire leverages storage solutions to provide scalable, clean, power that moves to meet demand. FreeWire customers can tackle new applications and deploy new business models without the complexity of upgrading traditional energy infrastructure. 


Hyperion has developed a proprietary technology that can digitize large physical high-voltage assets from a single optical fiber. This optical fiber is placed deep within a large high voltage asset covering the critical elements of the asset. From it, the customer is able to get temperature and strain information for every meter along the entire length of the fiber within the asset. A passive insulating component is stimulated using light - completely unaffected by the high electromagnetic fields generated and surrounding these large high voltage components. Once data is generated, the AI engine can track even the smallest changes in temperature and strain, providing valuable insights on asset health and system characteristics.


LiveEO has developed a solution that utilizes satellite imagery as a primary decision source for assessing and prioritizing vegetation management along the network, as well as an analysis and workflow tool that will enable greater efficiencies through predictive risk-based services versus traditional time-based services. 


Sterblue is a drone software startup that has developed a cloud-based industrial platform to automate drone inspection for utility companies. It allows the user to upload the raw information about their infrastructures and generate 3D flight plans using geometrical parameters for guiding the drone along trajectories that wrap tightly around structures. The captured data is processed using artificial intelligence algorithms that automatically detect and characterize defects on industrial infrastructure. (KELOWNA, BC)

feedback solutions (buffalo, ny)

gridware (walnut creek, ca)

innovationforce (raleigh, nc)


meterleader (huntington beach, ca)

microera power (rochester, ny)

new sun road (richmond, ca)

powerup (paris, france)

rainforest automation (vancouver, bc)

rhythmos (boulder, co)

solid state power (dallas, tx)

square robot (marlborough, ma)

singularity (somerville, ma)

uptime analytics (bogota, columbia)

vectorzero (reston, va)