2020 cohort

EV Energy (Palo Alto, CA) – The company offers a wireless platform that optimizes electric vehicle charging to save customers money, fully utilize renewable energy, and deliver flexibility services to the grid.

GridFruit (Pittsburgh, PA) – GridFruit offers a grid-responsive compressor modulation to improve efficiency of commercial food service refrigeration.

IND Technology, Inc. (New York, NY) – The company’s technology detects electrical faults before they occur, which could prevent power losses, wildfires and other consequences.

Kognitiv Spark (Fredricton, NB) – Inventor of an augmented reality-enabled app to help utility workers learn new skills on the job.

LineVision (Somerville, MA) – LineVision provides a self-powered transmission line monitoring system equipped with integrated solar and battery power.

PingThings (El Segundo, CA) – PingThings offers an artificial intelligence platform that intakes, stores, and visualizes high-definition sensor data in real time at grid scale.

Recurve (Mill Valley, CA) – Recurve’s software analyzes how buildings use energy and target resources by their potential to ramp energy use up or down in response to cost, carbon reduction, and other customer goals.

RWI Synthetics (Edmonton, AB) – RWI uses AI-enabled intelligence systems to model complex environments and human behavior, to help grid planners integrate distributed energy resources more effectively.

Sharc Energy Systems (Port Coquitlam, BC) – Sharc provides multifamily building wastewater heat recovery systems.

Switched Source (Vestal, NY) - An alum of the 2017 Ameren Accelerator, Switched Source has continued to develop its power electronics solutions to help manage distribution system load and improve power quality.